Arcadia Community Center

365 Campus Drive

Winter 2018 Session

January 9 - March 22

Yoga Chair/Stretch

Tuesdays and Thursdays 9:35-10:35am

Tuesdays: W18-7031 

Thursdays: W18-7045

Strength Training

Tuesdays and Thursdays 11am-12pm

Tuesdays: W18-7026 

Thursdays: W18-7027

Aerobics/Conditioning Workout

Tuesdays and Thursdays 12-1pm

Tuesdays: W18-7000

Thursdays: W18-7001

Class Fees - $35/11 weeks

Yoga Chair/Stretch:  In this class you will have passive movements along with easy stretches all done in a chair which makes this class perfect for those who can’t do floor work. Move at your own range and enjoy relaxation and flexibility through movement.

Strength Training:  Return youth to your body, prevent injury through strength and flexibility and improve your balance. The instructor will guide you through exercises to increase your energy and strengthen bone density. Warm-ups may include exotic rhythms and movements. Bring two hand weights (1-5 lbs.) Dress comfortably and wear tennis shoes.

Aerobics/Conditioning Workout:  This class has 30 minutes of low impact cardio followed by 15 minutes of muscle conditioning with weights. It ends with 15 minutes of abdominal strengthening for a total body workout. Bring two hand weights and a mat.

Register online or in person through the City of Arcadia 

Recreation and Community Services Department

375 Campus Drive

Arcadia, CA 91007


Monday Mornings 
in Tujunga

Senior Fitness Classes 
with Thea 
at Verdugo Hills YMCA, Tujunga

Mondays 10:30am
Beginner Fitness & Low Impact 

A cardiovascular, non-jumping, and strength training workout to improve fitness and muscular conditioning. 

Mondays 11:30am
Chair Yoga

Emphasizes physical and mental relaxation, controlled breathing, balance, proper posture and alignment and flexibility. Develop a keen sense of body/mind awareness. Incorporating a chair.


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