Bellydance and Bellyfit®

classes and private instruction with Thea 

Study the art of Bellydance with one of LA’s top dancers or come for Bellyfit®, a complete workout for women.

in-person classes not available at this time.


On- Demand Classes in

Bellydance, Bellyfit®, and Yoga

 with Thea on Patreon

on demand classes from $5/month. Cancel anytime.


Bellydance Classes with Thea

Learn Thea's unique style of bellydance, with roots in Egyptian, American Cabaret, and Theatrical World Fusion. Wear comfortable workout or dance clothes for class. Ballet slippers or dance paws work well on our dance floor. Dress in layers to protect your muscles. 

If you have your own veil and Zills, please bring them for class. Some veils, hip wraps, and Zills will be available to borrow during class. 

Bellyfit® is a complete one hour workout designed for women.  It incorporates Bellydance, African dance, Bhangra, and Bollywood, followed by Pilates and Yoga inspired floor work. Ancient wisdom meets modern fitness in one transformational hour. Bring tennis shoes, a yoga mat and water. 
Option to bring 1-4lb hand weights for strength portion at the end of class.